A seasoned professional with over 25 years experience of speaking nationally with leading companies, organizations and associations in the consumer sales, service and healthcare industries, Connie Merritt, BSN, RN, PHN, is a compelling storyteller and award-winning author with an established reputation of connecting with audiences in a humorous and energetic manner to help move them to action.

A business owner and registered nurse with a passion for research, writing and communicating to professionals, Connie understands people, processes and the dynamic influences of today’s diverse, hi-tech, multi-generational, mobile world – at our doorstep, today.

Connie has a gift for providing essential content with step-by-step tactical teachings to help people breakthrough to “next” – while motivating them by spinning unforgettable teachable moments.

In her latest book released from McGraw-Hill, Too Busy For Your Own Good, she has helped millions of people and organizations make vital adjustments to manage change and maintain focus in a world demanding multiple decisions and responses to lists of requests – especially during these opportunistic and changing times.

  About Connie Merritt
"She utilizes these understandings to unlock
her audiences to maximize their potential"

~ John Baird, President & CEO of Morningstar Group
    These are her central points in a series of presentations – tailored individually and specifically to general business, healthcare and women industries – that provide breakthroughs with practical tools to build and strengthen quality characteristics – and skills in:

· Stress and Success Management
· Leadership
· Team Building
· Communications
· Time Management
· Increased Productivity
· Balanced Living for Greater Accomplishment

Media including – USA Today, Fox Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Advance for Nurses – as well as nationally syndicated radio and television programs – call upon Connie to share her expertise.


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